Why should I be using Autodesk Vault?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Autodesk Vault comes in 3 different variations.


Stop that paper trail, eliminate human errors, digitally control your engineering workflow with Autodesk Vault.

Vault Basic comes as standard in your Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

This version of Vault is great for single-person businesses and small teams. This is a must for small teams with its direct integration into the Autodesk products, version control, data re-use, and data searching.

Vault Workgroup is the next level up, introducing some of the Vault features that are widely needed across all organisations. Revision Control, Lifecycle control, projects and reporting, even the capability to automate the generation of PDF files on a lifecycle transition.

Then comes Vault Professional, adding an ECO/ECR change process, BOM management, and ERP integration. Always a fan favourite, the thin client, allowing non CAD users the ability to log into Vault via an internet browser and view/download files.

Of course, all of this is configurable to your business needs.

Want to know more? Please get in touch and allow Cross Technology Group to start your Data Management journey.

Vault Top Reasons Overview Brochure
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