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Benefits of Using AutoCAD vs. AutoCAD LT


AutoCAD® allows users to achieve a level of productivity for design creation that is not matched with AutoCAD LT®

These tasks highlight how AutoCAD provides tools and workflows to make

you more productive. Take your work with you with the AutoCAD mobile app

and the AutoCAD web app.


Autodesk commissioned a study that explored the productivity and commercial

differentiations between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT when performing tasks

ranging from creating geometry to creating plans and elevations, extracting

object data, and applying and monitoring CAD standards.

Results showed that AutoCAD could allow a user to generate designs up to

7.1 times quicker* compared with AutoCAD LT, when these tasks were performed

by an experienced AutoCAD user.


86% Overall Productivity Gain*

1. Parametric constraints

(Time savings with AutoCAD up to 33%)

AutoCAD offers complete geometric and dimensional constraint creation, editing, and management of parametric constraints.

2. Plans and elevations

(Time savings with AutoCAD up to 46%)

The 3D modeling tools in AutoCAD allow for easy manipulation to generate 2D plan and elevation objects.

3. Isometric drafting

(Time savings with AutoCAD up to 61%)

AutoCAD makes it easy to view 3D objects in isometric views and has visual styles that can be set to hide hidden detail.

4. Data extraction

(Time savings with AutoCAD up to 93%)

AutoCAD provides the functionality to extract data and create tables automatically, either in the drawing or in a Microsoft Excel® file.

5. CAD standards

(Time savings with AutoCAD up to 81%)

AutoCAD provides CAD standard functionality with a highly efficient method of checking standards against new and existing DWG files.

6. Text editing (Express Tools)

(Time savings with AutoCAD up to 80%)

AutoCAD includes Express Tools with advanced workflows when changing and manipulating text.

7. Application Programming Interface (API) and the App Store

AutoCAD offers an API not available in AutoCAD LT that allows users to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks. AutoCAD users are also able to purchase and download apps in the Autodesk App Store and develop apps to benefit AutoCAD users on your team.

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