What can COOLORANGE powerJobs do for you?

Automatic file publishing

The purpose of powerJobs extends beyond the boundaries of merely publishing files. It embodies numerous productive combos that give you greater and wider options for publishing a PDF, DXF or STEP files.

It enables you to automatically and reliably create PDFs or DXFs or STEPs every time you release new files, items or change orders, offering great flexibility in terms of output location and formatting.

Publishing a file to a shared network folder and giving a custom file name is limited with Vault and also proves to be slightly complicated. Whereas powerJobs gives you the flexibility to name a file as you wish and publish to any shared folder, ERP system, SharePoint, or any other location.

Please Note: The orange tick marks mean that powerJobs can perform these functionalities but it is not included as a sample in the original product.

Automatic BOM Export

Do you have Vault jobs that are time-consuming and must be done manually?

Like, exporting BOM from your Vault to the ERP system as an xml or a csv file can just not be error-prone but also tedious to process. We just happen to have the right solution for you!

powerJobs' flexible customization using PowerShell scripts allows you to create a custom job that can automatically export a BOM as an xml or a csv file format into a given shared folder, so that it can be picked up by your ERP system and processed.

Please Note: Sample BOM Jobs to publish BOMs are not included in the product. But it can be easily created and included in powerJobs using PowerShell scripts.

Automatic printing

If printing drawings is still your thing, then let it be done automatically!

powerJobs can print all the drawings of a given assembly in the right order by selecting the appropriate printer for the given page size.

In larger organizations, powerJobs may even choose the appropriate printer for a given user group or department and add relevant information like the customer's name or project code to the print.

Automatic Communications

Oftentimes the information about a change in the lifecycle state of a design, is an imperative requirement that is to be notified to all involved departments and personnel. This is usually a time-consuming and mundane manual process.

But with powerJobs, you can effortlessly configure it to automatically trigger these notifications whenever there is a lifecycle state change in the design and inform everybody who are involved in the project, through automated emails, Microsoft Teams chat and in any other similar manner.

This auto-notification may contain important details about the affected part, BOMs, images of the part and also a link to the Vault.

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