Virtual testing innovation saves time and reduces risk at mining equipment manufacturer Jennmar

The Challenge Designing, engineering and manufacturing millions of dollars of mining equipment is all in a day's work at Jennmar. However, physically testing products is expensive and time consuming, and if something fails at a mine site the time and materials cost involves a long cycle for maintenance and repair work. Adding to the challenge was a lack of consensus among the different stages of Jennmar's workflow. From drawing to procurement, each department needed a consistent way of sending component details to suppliers.

Project Goal

With multiple people working on the same design, the team called for a better approach to structure and automate a work-in-progress system for components. With a better review process, components can safely go to purchasing. This goal would also prevent drawings no longer released from being Issued and lay the foundation for virtual testing.

"Autodesk ties together the whole product design process, from sending out released drawings to virtual testing and production"

Jeremy Arnot

Production Engineering Manager

Jennmar Australia


As an Autodesk customer Jennmar has been using its design tools for some time and transferred some 5000 product drawings (2D and 3D formats) into Vault over a period of three months.

The company worked with Port Stephens-based Autodesk partner Cross Technology Group to migrate its data and integrate the technology for virtual testing.

Cross Technology also delivered stress analytics training for Jennmar's team and implemented the Vault data management system. Autodesk Inventor Nastran Is now used for stress analysis by virtually applying loads to digital products to determine what load forces it can withstand.

Business Outcome

Jennmar now has a modern manufacturing automation workflow and the capability for virtual testing, saving hours of time physical product costs. The project has made major improvement preventing the issuing of non-conformant components to production.

This innovative development means better faster product development and less field support. The business also benefits with improved security and compliance.


Workflow automation and virtual testing has delivered instant results for mining component manufacturer Jennmar Australia. By making use of Autodesk design, data and testing tools the company has saved time and money and reduced its exposure to errors. Jennmar Australia is now better positioned to innovate faster across its manufacturing portfolio.

"Cross Technology is very knowledgeable on the product and has been very accommodating with the support and training we need"

Jeremy Arnot

Production Engineering Manager

Jennmar Australia

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