Vault Office - Eh?? What's that..

So, you are using Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional.

The problem that you are having is that you are paying for extra licences for non CAD users to access vault so they can be involved in the approval process, or to check-in and out non-cad related information.

Well, I may have a solution to your problem. You may or may not have heard of a product called Vault Office.

Vault Office is ideal for those users who do not need all of the full CAD functionality inside of Vault, such as project managers, shop floor employees, sales staff, and admin staff. All of these people could use the Vault Office client at a cheaper licence cost and still have access to the Vault.

• Review and validate design data

• Participate in the change process

• Manage project data

• Communicate with external team members

• Create reports

• Consume released design data

• Manage additional non-CAD data and custom objects.

Info can be found here on the full range of Vault office functionality :-

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