Vault Mobile App Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of the Autodesk Vault mobile app, which gives you the flexibility to access and work with your vaulted design and engineering data anywhere.

Available for iOS devices, iPhone, and iPad, you can use the Vault mobile app with Vault Professional 2020 and 2021. You just need a subscription to Vault Professional or Vault Office, and you can sign into the app with your Vault account information.

First seen as a preview release in August 2020, the Vault mobile app gained attention among customers who participated in our Feedback Community. If you were among the many who provided feedback about the app, thank you! For those of you who are new to the Vault mobile app, read on to learn more.

What you can do with the Vault mobile app

The Vault mobile app can help you stay up to date on your projects and collaborate with your team when you’re away from your desktop computer. It allows you to take your design data with you onto the shop floor, on-site, or out to meet your customer.

Access your engineering data on your mobile device

  • Access, view, and review CAD and non-CAD data, item bill of material, and change orders

  • Perform QR, barcode, and simple and extended data searches

  • Create and edit saved searches

  • Create and move files and folders

Improve development productivity

  • Check out and check in non-cad files, for example, PDF drawings

  • Review and approve documents

  • Create and participate in change orders

  • Add documents to change orders on your mobile device, such as photographs

Share data with your entire organization

  • View 2D and 3D files

  • Send files or links to files via email

  • Access insights into recent activity

The world we live in is mobile, and you need access to data quickly and easily no matter where you are. The Vault mobile app is the tool to keep you connected and collaborating while you are on the go. Download it today and stay connected.

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