Vault in the Cloud

Autodesk's powerful data management package, Autodesk Vault, although not a cloud-based offering, can be configured and is compatible to work in a cloud environment.

*Vault Basic cannot be hosted in a cloud environment, it is against the EULA as it is not a licensed product.

So what is a Cloud environment I hear you say?

I will try and put this in lamens terms, the cloud is the internet - more specifically, its all of the things you can access remotely over the internet, so when someone says that's in the cloud, it means stored on a server somewhere in the world and you access it over the internet.

You still have your CAD applications and Vault client installed on your local desktop machine, but instead of inputting a local server name in the credentials, you can enter cloud server details

So what benefits do I have of moving to the cloud?

  • it reduces internal IT infrastructure and overheads

  • It allows smaller companies who have limited or no IT staff to utilize more sophisticated software

  • Easy and scalable backup security

  • Easy Disaster recovery.

  • Allow easier collaboration with external stakeholders

These are just a few of the benefits.

With the majority of us now working remotely due to COVID, accesing our Vaulted information is now much easier.

CROSSTECH can supply and manage your cloud server. come and talk to us today about how we can do this.

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