Revit – How to rotate true north

Revit has two norths built into it, Project North and True North. When you start to coordinate your models with the real world you are going to want to set your true north.

True north will orientate your project as it would be in the real world, Project North is aligned to the project so your walls and elements are all nicely horizontal and vertical on your computer screen for easy modelling.

To change True North, first, make sure that your view Orientation is set to True North in its properties.

On the Manage tab, Project Location group, expand Position and click Rotate True North.

  1. You can move to rotation point if needed but click a start point and an endpoint, moving in the direction and number of degrees the project needs to be orientated by for true north.

Congratulations, you have now orientated your project to true north. You can now change your view back to Project North if you need to.

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