powerGate - Bridging design into manufacturing

Are you running an ERP/MRP system?

Are you taking your manufacturing BOM from your CAD products or Autodesk Vault to your ERP/MRP system?

If the answer is yes... then the chances are you are wasting time and money doing this manually.

Introducing powerGate

powerGate provides a well-designed BOM transfer dialog that compares a preview of the current Vault BOM with the ERP BOM and shows the differences between the two through color-coding.

  • Quick and Reliable multilevel BOM transfer

  • Immediate feedback

  • Mass item creation

  • Item Numbering

  • Deep CAD Integration

  • Raw materials and purchase parts

  • Live connection

  • Date viewing and updating

  • Wiring the workflows

  • not just Items but files too

  • Publishing the documentation to the ERP

  • Best practices and custom workflows.

Modern ERP systems typically provide an API, for instance web-services (SOAP), which allows powerGate to communicate with the ERP system and cover all the workflows described on this page.

Older ERP systems may not have a native API, but typically the ERP vendor or partner can provide one. coolOrange have connected over 20 different ERP systems around the globe, including SAP, Microsoft, and many others. In case your ERP system is not listed here, do not worry: just get in touch and we will make it work!

Compatibility: typically, customizations must be redone with every new release. That is not the case with powerGate. Thanks to a smart concept, customizations remain compatible across powerGate and Vault versions. powerGate supports the current and two previous Vault versions. Older versions are available in case your Vault has not been updated for a while.

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