How good is your CAD Workstation?

How good do you reckon your workstation/laptop is for Autodesk Inventor?

InvMark is the most comprehensive performance benchmarking solution for Autodesk Inventor, designed by Neil Cross and developed by Cadac Group, InvMark asks the hard questions.

1000 part assembly constraint and pattern tests, large assembly drawing create, ray tracing, parametric study FEA, dynamic simulation, intensive graphics testing, and tons more.

Download InvMark for free from

Not quite seeing the results you expected? Check the built-in

hardware logs to see if your workstation is running too hot or not getting the CPU frequency you thought it should be.

Send your score up to the InvMark Leaderboard and join a community of people battling it out for the top spot!

Fancy joining in with a community of enthusiasts talking about InvMark? Join the TFI Discord server

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