Desktop, Laptop, Gaming, Non ECC RAM???

There are endless possibilities of different laptops, desktops, and other hardware options to use with your CAD software.

Such as should I be using a gaming graphics card? What's the difference between non-ECC RAM and ECC RAM, does it make a difference.

Are gaming laptops suitable or should I be using a desktop?

There are all very valid questions, i could sit here and type and type about different hardware options, but there is a guy who has spent an enormous amount of his spare time finding all this out for us, he has documented and vLogged the lot.

Of course, I'm talking about Mr. TFI himself, Neil Cross.

Check out his hardware videos to work out what is suitable and what is best for your CAD needs.

Some Videos are below - or just visit his channel -

Playlist - Recommended Workstations

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