Cross Technology's Flying start program

What is Autodesk Vault?

Vault is product data management (PDM) software that improves productivity. Everyone works

from a central source of organized data—collaborating, reducing errors, and saving time.

Here is a Video on Vault Professional

What is Cross Technology Group’s Flying Start program?

Crosstech’s technical staff have been implementing Autodesk Vault for over 10 years, for all

different industries, all over the world. Architectural, Manufacturing, and Construction

companies have all benefited from having Autodesk Vault in their organization.

Through our extensive background of all these different industries, we have a fairly good idea

of how a Vault should be setup and configured.

Our “Flying” start program allows us to get your Vault, installed, configured, and running

(including training) in around 5 days.

What do I get as part of the Flying Start Program?

You will have your Autodesk Vault system setup and configured on your server, client

deployments created, and tested.

• Lifecycles

• Rules

• Categories

• Title block Mapping

• Revision Schemes

• Automated PDF Creation

• Custom Numbering Schemes

• Security and User creation

• Integration with your Autodesk CAD Software

Flying Start Training is included for both Admin and End Users.

Please speak to a Cross Technology group representative for more info on getting Autodesk

Vault into your organization or for a function demonstration.

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