Automation 101 - iLogic

What is iLogic?

iLogic is a feature of Autodesk Inventor that allows you to create logic in the form of to automate tasks.

These Rules are developed and written using snippets and code statements to run/trigger at given times/events to help do some of the work engineers and designers need to do.

What can it do for you?

Throughout my industry and reseller experience, there is one common thing when fabricating or manufacturing many different products, and that is that there is always patterns and common repeatable tasks. This is where iLogic comes into play.

it could be something as simple as populating iProperties based on model information, you could write a simple script that gathers the info from the model and overwrites that info into the iProperties.

Where can I use iLogic?

iLogic can be used in the part, asse3mbly, and drawing environment. You can drive parameters, iProperties, and drawing values along with many more through iLogic.

How do I learn iLogic?

we have iLogic training, custom training and consulting services.

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