Automate your manual tasks with Autodesk Vault.

Are you currently using Autodesk Vault Professional?

if the answer is yes, you need to read on, if the answer is no, why not? speak to our sales team on how Vault Professional can help your team.

Vault product data management (PDM) software helps streamline workflows. Everyone works from a central source of organised data – collaborating, reducing errors and saving time.

  • Installs quickly with easy administration

  • Integrates with Autodesk design tools

  • Connects internal and external teams

  • Version and revision management

  • Advanced lifecycle and workflow control

  • Cloud sync with Fusion and BIM360

But there is more we can do.

1. Change Management.

Did you know Vault has an ECO (Engineering Change Order) function to help automate your change management?

2. Automate your deliverables

Yes, we know Vault can create a PDF on a state change. but what happens next, does it need to be published to an ERP system, Sharepoint, or an FTP site?

What about on a change order lifecycle or an Item lifecycle

Automatic custom watermarks on your PDF for not released files.

What about DWG files, STP, and office files? not a problem.

This is all possible.

3. let's talk approval process

When you approve, check, or review a drawing. Are you still spending time typing your name and date into the correct data property fields? Why?

Automate the process, take your user name and the date from your Vault login and auto-populate these details, removing the manual process.

4. Email notifications. when a task has been assigned to you

5. Job queue getting stuck and no one is reacting to it? do they even know that there is a problem before it is too late?

Get real-time notifications when something fails in the job queue.

We are just getting started with some of the automation that we can offer with Autodesk Vault.

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