Autodesk Vault and 4 Eyes Checking.

Don't get me wrong here, I really like Autodesk Vault, I have been supporting, training, and consulting with it for over a decade.

One feature which has always been a sore point when talking to customers is the ability to do a "4 eyes check", or in lamens terms, stopping someone approving their own drawing, if they were the user that moved the file from WIP to Review, they should not be able to move it from Review to Released.

Now where you can implement some properties and actions and rule in the lifecycle state changes, there are always a few little holes that can be exploited by the end-users.

I would guess most Autodesk Vault users at some point would have come across the path of a product or company called coolOrange, but most famously the product called powerJobs.

powerJobs is awesome, it allows you to automate a heap of stuff on a lifecycle transition, I have implemented it possibly hundreds of times. AWESOME Product.

A lesser know product is powerEvents, but just as powerful, powerEvents is installed on the user's machine and can control what the user does on say check in or check out, or in the example of 4 eyes checks, it can see who did the last transition of that file and stop you if that was you.

Wanna know more about what coolOrange products could benefit you and your company?

Drop me a line and find out more.


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