Cross Technology Group is proud to announce its partnership with Mechwest Pty Ltd.

Together we can offer a comprehensive range of drafting services from shop detailing, digital twins and even animations. 

Mechwest are the largest Australian owned steel detailing company and a leader in their field. Their capacity to produce high volumes of quality detailed drawings and data has enabled Mechwest to establish an excellent reputation within the industry.

Shop Detailing

Structural, Plate work and Piping.

Our team is a proven performer in mechanical and structural 2D and 3D  shop detailing, with considerable experience in the mining, oil and gas, industrial and commercial industries throughout Australia and internationally.

































Digital Twins & Point Cloud Back Modelling

Mechwest work with industry-leading laser scanning providers to import the point cloud and billions of points. We can trace-model to your desired Level Of Detail (LOD) and will collaborate with your team to discuss how to deliver your applicable business case.

The Point Cloud can then be connected to other systems such as operations and maintenance and combined with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools. One of the key value propositions to digital twins is in their ability to combine real-time data, accurate geometric models and intelligence from different platforms to simulate, predict and improve assets performance. This creates the connection of 3D Engineering Models with point-cloud data from the office to site.

Mechwest will back model the laser scanned point clouds to generate intelligent CAD/BIM/AIM models. Some of the benefits to discuss are:

1) Accelerated risk assessment and production time

2) Predictive maintenance

3) Real-time remote monitoring

4) Better team collaboration

5) Better financial decision-making


3D Modeling - Shop Detail model is created

2D Detailing - Shop Detailing drawings, custom fabrication data and reports

Fabrication - Deliverables for high volume fabrication

Construction - construction can commence, accurately with minimal to no re-work."


Animation Services

Mechwest offers a dynamic Animation service. The animation service is a visual communicative tool which enables the viewer to be immersed in a medium which has the explicit purpose of engaging and presenting complex ideas in an entertaining and digestible format. Our animation team is one of the best in the world for Construction Animations and can make your project come to life. We can turn the 3D model into a Virtual Reality (VR), or an Augmented Reality (AR) environment engrossing the end-user for offsite training, construction sequencing, project reviews, public consultations or simply FID presentations and project sign-off.

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